If you haven’t watched it yet, watch this! TED: This computer will grow your food in the future (Caleb Harper) Many thanks to Caleb and the MIT OpenAg Initiative for bringing this project to the maker community.

Special thanks to Whispering Roots and Greg Fripp for putting up the initial funds to get going; and to Dr. Kiran Bastola, Almog Boanos, and Donald Cross for burning the midnight oil at the Omaha Maker Group facility to get the first food computers constructed.

Our goal is to create personal food computers in the Omaha area as a collaborative community effort, to build competency around making and using personal food computers. We would like to eventually help build food servers and food data centers.

Please reach out to join our group! We would like your help in making more personal food computers. Simply post a message on the discussion group to let us know about your interest.

Join our discussion group or follow us on Twitter (@OmahaFCI #OpenAg #NerdFarmers), and visit us on Facebook. Then, watch the Ted talk: This computer will grow your food in the future (Caleb Harper), and finally check out the MIT Open Ag Initiative website.

Whispering Roots
Omaha Maker Group (OMG!)
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